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Wow, for a shorter book, a lot happens between page 1 to page 220. Sometimes I think I prefer my books to be 200 pages or less – it forces authors to get their ideas across using a shorter amount of words. Less fluff more straight action.

Megan Floyd disappeared after her shift at work 2 years ago. Her parents struggle with her disappearance – Tom, her father, spends his days searching endlessly for her. Looking anywhere he can. Marking off a map as he searches a new area. Her mother, Lisa, has fallen apart completely and ceases to really be living anymore.

The investigation into Megan’s disappearance has gone cold, forcing Tom to seek outside help in finding his daughter. He contacts a PI named Marshall, and his partner Hannah, they’re his last hope in finding out what happened to his daughter.

This is a fast-paced mystery/thriller. Each character has their own internal battles going on. Each their own trauma, so it was interesting to see how they all came together and interacted with each other. And there is no shortage of characters. I had to keep a list of them to keep them straight in my mind.

I do think, and this has no bearings on my rating, that the chapters could have been split up. There are little page breaks breaking up a scene change but I think it could have been a new chapter instead of a continuation. But that’s just preference.

This was a fun read because while you’re reading you have no idea what is happening at the moment. It isn’t until a few paragraphs or pages later that what you’re reading starts to make sense. Jumping straight into the plot the full details come later.

I see this is labeled as book #1 – so I’m looking forward to book #2!

Listen to an excerpt from The Fear of Winter:

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